About Holistic Healthcare Network

Hipocrates QuoteThe Holistic Healthcare Network is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare. We are a group of dedicated healers working daily to help people improve their health and well being.  We have experienced some frustration with the healthcare system staus quo and want to do something to make it better by offering a holistic alternative. 

We have come together to promote optimal health, improve our practices, and make changes to a healthcare system in need of reform. 

Together we can make a difference.  There are many ways to get involved and to benefit from our network. 

We know that holistic healthcare works. People who are conscious of their bodies, eat better, exercise more, and know that perfect health is tied to emotional and spiritual well being. They are healthier people that spend less time in hospitals and less money on prescription drugs. 

We need to spread this knowledge to the general public and take steps to get recognition from health insurance companies. We will recognize those companies that offer the best rates and the best coverage for our health conscious constituents. We will negotiate with these insurance companies and get them to offer extended coverage for holistic and alternative services.  We will lobby law makers and get their support for healthcare reform legislation that promotes holistic healthcare solutions. 

We have built an on-line forum for information and discourse on optimal health.  This will allow people to learn more about alternative health solutions and to connect with local practitioners taking a holistic approach. 

We are offering free listings to holistic providers.  We have also built an engine to help practitioners easily develop a web presence. We are building a network of dedicated primary care physicians that understand the benefits holistic medical care and take advantage of natural and alternative therapies to serve the needs of their patients.  

We are also planning to build numerous Holistic Healthcare Centers around the country.  These centers will offer a variety of health related services under one roof.  Patients could schedule a meeting with their primary care physician, followed by nutritional counseling, exercise, acupuncture, chiropractic care, bio-feedback, and therapeutic massage.  They would leave this spa like center rejuvenated, with an enhanced feeling of well being.  They would gain a better understanding of how to achieve and maintain optimal health.


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